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Getting Started with OfficeHQ


The first step is for you to take some time to determine the areas within your business in which OfficeHQ could be of most benefit (see Services).  Map out possible tasks that if you no longer had to do them yourself, would allow you to do the things that inspire you.

Do the math.  Forecast the potential increase in income brought about by being more productive.  Of course remember to factor in the cost of outsourcing.  See our What it Costs page.



Then contact us for a free no obligation consultation, either email or phone to make a suitable time.  Either way, please provide some details on the specific services you are interested in and a brief description of your situation.

Appointments are available during both the daytime and evening to allow you to secure an appointment which will work well for you.

Consultations are held either in person (within New Plymouth District), phone or Skype.  If you would rather chat via Skype, please specify this at the time of booking your appointment, and provide us with your Skype ID.   We will add you to our Skype account before the meeting.

Click here now to enquire about OfficeHQ services



Based on our discussions we will provide you with some options including estimates of cost and/or recommended billing options.  If you wish to proceed with one or any of the options provided, there are some formalities to complete:

  • You choose a billing plan
  • We will then incorporate that into a service agreement which you sign and send back to us.



When we receive your instructions you will receive an email or txt response.  There are several ways to delegate your tasks to us.

  • Deliver hard copies or electronic storage devices/CD’s etc to our office
  • Email – for small file sizes or sporadic work email to TheOffice@OHQ.co.nz.
  • DropBox – this is by far the easiest way to securely transfer files between your business and OfficeHQ.  If you intend to use OfficeHQ on a regular basis, or for project work where there is a need to exchange a number of files we recommend DropBox.  See our Resources page for further details on DropBox.

Refer to the Resources page for information and tips on format quality.


Your tasks will then be assigned to one of our virtual assistants. Please note, we don't offer a single dedicated VA who does everything.  We hire individuals who are skilled in various areas of expertise, and match your tasks with the required skill set.  There could be one person or several people working together to provide you with consistently outstanding results.

We take pride in the high level of attention given to our clients and the detailed level of customer support provided. If there is anything we can assist you with, please do not hesitate to contact us at TheOffice@OHQ.co.nz.


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