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Property Management

As a long time landlord we understand the stress involved with managing rental property.  We also understand the frustrations of paying significant proportions of the income to a property manager simply collect the rent.  Our approach is pay for only what you use.  With the selection of good tenants, the cost of managing the property can be significantly reduced with OfficeHQ.  Let us show you how…


XYZ Rental Manager OfficeHQ 

Tenant Selection                        

$100      Tenant selection$100 

Collection of Rent

10% of eg $300/wk 48 wks/yr   


$45 per month (includes end of year accounts)


Property Inspection min 2 per year


Maintenance allow 2 instances/year


Call outs to property regarding tenants           (2x per yr)           

Total XYZ$1,540Total OfficeHQ$910


You choose the types of services that suit your needs and we will treat your properties as if they were our own.


Tenant Selection

Finding good tenants is paramount to the success of your rental investment.  All prospective tenants for your property are thoroughly screened for suitability to your needs.  We perform extensive credit and tenancy defaulting checks on all tenants and they must also provide satisfactory references

As part of the letting process, we take care of the bond lodgement process too.


Rent Collection and Accounts

When tenants pay us directly, we can better manage any issues that can arise with late and defaulted payments.  You will receive a monthly statement along with the net balance of payments.


Property Maintenance

Wear and tear is an unfortunate part of owning any property.  It is important to keep up with routine maintenance as well as the repairs of unexpected incidents.  Keeping a property fresh, safe and protected from the elements makes the property more attractive to better tenants.

The following services are designed to keep you informed on the state of the property so that together we can plan and manage the longevity and success of your investment.


Property Inspections

We recommend two property inspections (as a minimum) per year.  Inspections allow the tenant to communicate issues with the property as well as OfficeHQ identifying any corrective actions required by the tenant and of course any work required.

We recommend an inspection at three months from the beginning of a tenancy and then six monthly thereafter.  However where we are not totally satisfied with the tenants, we may recommend more frequent inspections.


Annual Maintenance Plans

A maintenance plan will highlight areas where routine maintenance is required and prioritise the most urgent work.  This acts as an ongoing guide and allows you to budget annually for maintenance.


Building Inspections

OfficeHQ works closely with Taranaki’s only certified building surveyor Taranaki House Inspections and can arrange a full inspection of your property to highlight maintenance and in particular weather tightness issues.  We would be happy to arrange this for you.


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