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Administration is a very tidy word to discribe just about everything that goes on in the average office environment and that has not already been mentioned on this site.  Below is a selection of what OfficeHQ can do to assist your business, but if you can't see what you need, Click here now to enquire about OfficeHQ services..

TranscriptionResumes / CV's
Forms/Process Flows/Procedures/PoliciesSpreadsheet Creation
Diary ManagementMeeting Management
Travel Bookings 



Digital Transcription

Your audio file will be transcribed into a Word document or your nominated template and formatted as per your instructions.  Unless otherwise requested all transcriptions will be an Intelligent Verbatim of the audio file supplied, that is we will attempt to make sense of the ums and arrs for you, and correct obvious grammatical errors.

Word Processing

We also accept:

  • Digital files for formatting (from word processing or PDF files)
  • Hard copy text for copy typing

Sending and Receiving Work

Email small files to TheOffice@O'HQ.co.nz.

For large files we recommend DropBox.

Send hard copies to PO Box 270, New Plymouth Mail Centre, New Plymouth.

Completed work will be returned via emailed or DropBoxed or other method as required.  Please note that we no longer provide audio transcription services from tapes

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Resumes (CV)

With today's competitive job market, it is even more important that you create a résumé/CV which will articulate what your distinctions are from other people. Where possible our consultations are face to face. This allows us to gain valuable insight into who you are so that we can project you in the best possible way highlighting your strengths and abilities.

For a set fee of $80 you will receive an electronic version (MS Word 2010), two printed copies (for specific job applications only), a cover letter (MS Word and printed copy).  Note, resumes are kept electronically by OfficeHQ for two years.

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Forms/Process Flows/Procedures/Policy Documents

OfficeHQ has corporate experience producing business documents for quality control.  From simple forms to lengthy procedures, and document control it is important to maintain a consistent and professional approach.

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Spreadsheet Creation

Whatever your need, OfficeHQ can find a spreadsheet solution.  Simple data lists to more complicated tools.  Just let us know what you need to know.

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Diary Management

Sharing electronic diaries with OfficeHQ allows us to book appointments for you based on your criteria.  We will txt or email you the details to confirm and we then confirm with the attendees.

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Meeting Management

Some meetings require a higher level of management.  OfficeHQ can not only book times with one or more attendees, but also produce agendas, take minutes and disseminate minutes.

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Travel Bookings

Searching the web for the best deals and most convenient times, hotels etc can be extremely time consuming.  Whether its is a business trip or a family outing, let OfficeHQ do the searching for you.

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