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Virtual Reception

A Virtual Reception is ideal for people who carry out their businesses remotely, such as tradespeople, or those that are often away from their office.  These may seem like simple tasks, but they can quite often reduces your productive time significantly.

We are happy to perform any one of these services for you or bundle them together as a total Virtual Reception package.

Answering ServiceCalendar Management
Mail CollectionMail & Email Service
PO Box RentalCourier Point
Virtual Reception Package 


Answering Service

Don’t let that phone interrupt your valuable time with clients or while you are ‘on the job’.  Your time is important, therefore it is important for you to use your time wisely.  Read Business Gatekeeper

Simply divert your office, mobile  or 0800 line to us and we will answer the calls as if we were sitting in your office.

We will deliver all messages to you by text or email or however you would like as often as yu would like.  You can decide to call them back immediately, call them later or have us deal with the call for you.  You ay like to consider outbound calling for satisfaction surveys etc.

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Calendar Management

Isn’t technology a wonderful thing!  By harnessing the technology of MS Outlook, Gmail and Mobile/Smart phones we can set up and share online calendars.  When combined with our telephone answering service and using your guidelines we can schedule, change or even cancel an appointment, and you will be updated about any changes in status immediately.

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Mail and Email Service

If your inbox is over loaded or you find yourself loosing messages, you run the risk of not replying which leads to lost business.

To us, emails and letters should be treated like telephone calls – that is responded to as soon as practicable, even if it is just to acknowledge.  This is a simple and cost effective way of retaining potential customers attention and expressing value to existing customers.

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Mail Collection

If you have a PO Box at the Taranaki Mail Centre and struggle to collect your mail regularly, or perhaps when you go on holiday, OfficeHQ can collect it for you.

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PO Box Rental

If you are worried about the security of your mail going to your home or office address, or if you want to portray a more professional image through a PO Box address, have your mail sent to OfficeHQ’s PO Box as if it is your own.  We will collect and sort it for you.

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Courier Point

Being absent from your base regularly can mean that having things couriered to you or from you can be a logistical nightmare.  Just drop off the items to us for the courier to collect or give them our address and we will accept the delivery.

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Virtual Reception Packages

Pick and choose which Virtual Reception tasks are right for you or alternatively we can do it all so you can relax.

Note that Virtual Reception packages are priced according to the individuals requirements and are affected by volume.

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