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Why Outsourcing Can Work For You

If you are looking at this site, chances are you are either self-employed, own or manage a small to medium business, wear several hats within your community and running out of resources.  It is also likely that you are experiencing one or more of the following:

  • You do EVERYTHING – from sales to ordering the coffee supplies
  • You barely remember where you live or what your kids look like
  • Your business is growing but you currently only need a few hours of assistance per week and even that could vary from week to week
  • Fixed costs are increasing.  It is time to look at the business model and make some efficiencies in the back office.
  • Your current staff is suffering under the work load


Outsourcing will:

  • Give you more time with family and friends
  • Gives you time to concentrate on the things that generate income allowing you to not only survive, but grow!
  • Help you make better decisions with accurate and timely information about your business
  • Improve the morale of current staff when used for overflow
  • Cost effective – you don’t pay Kiwisaver, holiday pay, recruitment costs, sick leave and you don’t supply equipment
  • Save on down time as you pay only for what you use
  • Efficient turnaround times
  • Enjoy greater efficiencies for shorter hours


On the following pages, you will see many different services and examples of how others use OfficeHQ services to achieve their goals.  If you know or have a feeling that you require assistance, but just can’t quite put your finger on what type of assistance you require, by all means contact us and we can chat about it over a cuppa.

Click here now to enquire about OfficeHQ services.

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